Here are some crowdsourced questions you should ask your interviewers:

  1. What is your deployment process? How often do you deploy? Get to know if CI/CD is in place. Get to know if tests are there.
  2. How do you plan projects? How do you resolve cross project dependencies? What is the on-boarding process? Know about program management, documentation and practises.
  3. How do you handle production issues? Understand on-call and issue resolution practises.
  4. What are the common working hours? What is WFH policy? Know if the team works asynchronously or synchronously.
  5. Do you use webpack or babel or Vue? Have you contributed (monetarily or otherwise) to any of those? What is the open source contribution policy? Know if you’re allowed and compensated to contribute to tools you use at work. Talk about consulting and other community work.
  6. How does my growth look like in this role? Know your position 6 months or a year down the line.
  7. What would be my compensation? All conversation is irrelevant.

  1. What team?
  2. What are you targeting? Like where’s the business heading?
  3. How does the roadmap look like?
  4. What are the current pain points?
  5. More about the role and responsibilities?
  6. How does the engineering ladder look like?
  7. Where exactly you need help with FE?
  8. How does operate? Like the pods and all?
  9. What sort of work expectations shall I keep? Like is it vertical/horizontal? Or how do you see it?
  10. How balanced is the org right now in the engineering when it comes to Juniors vs Seniors? What does the numbers look like for FE?
  11. What’s the next big thing? What is aiming for next?
  12. What are the current pain points of the system?
  13. Any plans to enter international market?
  14. How’s the support system? Like what’s the average number of issues created? What’s the TAT of closing these issues? How are you working on those numbers?
  15. How aggressive is the competition in the market with things that is doing?
  16. How do you measure anything in tech to see its impact?
  17. What creates work culture at ?
  18. What does the current user base look like? What are you targeting?
  19. If I want to invest on my learning and need to buy some courses, what does the process looks like for that?
  20. What’s your take on tech community presence? Is that even what the company targets?
  21. What would a typical work day look like?
  22. What things do you do for encouraging learning? In frontend especially, it's super crucial to be up to date.
  23. How is the open source culture at ?

  1. How do you measure productivity?
  2. How do you measure what impact your feature/module created?
  3. What keeps you exciting to come to work?
  4. What do you think is the current state of frontend?
  5. How do you folks have visibility across products for frontend? Or what’s going on in other teams?
  6. How do you figure out pain points?
  7. How do you share code/business logic?
  8. How do you avoid redundancies?
  9. How do you do knowledge sharing?
  10. How do you make work exciting for you and your peers?
  11. How do you keep yourself updated?

Feel free to send a PR adding your questions or DM me if you want to contribute anonymously.