Let's talk about taboos in tech!

This meetup aims to provide a safe space for developers, where we talk openly about the non-tech aspects of our jobs, like the discrepancy between job descriptions and day-to-day work, coping with burnout, dealing with jerks at the workplace, imposter syndrome, mental health, growth, etc.

There are no talks - everyone shall be involved in a round-table discussion.
P.S. It's open to everyone regardless of the technology you're using.
P.P.S. Chatham House Rules apply.

Here's what went down in our previous meetups:

  1. December 15, 2019
  2. January 12, 2020
  3. February 9, 2020
  4. March 29, 2020
  5. April 19, 2020

Our seventh meetup is scheduled for June 28, 2020.
When? 11am - 1pm
Where? Online
Moderator: Swapnil Agarwal
The intention is to bring a small group together (~10 people). Come and make new friends! ❤️

If you’d like to volunteer for jotting down notes during the upcoming meetup(s) and / or writing the next blog post, DM me on Telegram.

Drop your details below to get notified of future meetups. The aim is to have atleast one meetup every month.

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