This idea was born in one of our monthly meetups (Feb 9, 2020). Folks had written drafts on some of the topics but were scared to put them out there.

On probing further, it was the case that they didn’t want to publicly associate the post with their names in case it doesn’t get good reception. This traps them in a vicious cycle: They don’t publish because they feel the writing is not good enough, and the writing can’t improve without feedback!

To solve this problem, we are announcing “The Next Big Writer” program:

  1. Write your post in markdown and submit a draft.
  2. We have a team of awesome mentors that will provide you constructive (and critical) feedback on your writing style and content.
  3. After you make the required edits, it will be published to Hashnode in the publication "TheNextBigWriter".
  4. Our mentors will help you in gaining confidence so that you can proudly associate your article with your name.

Spread the word! 🥳